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An Evening With! Pedro Perez II and Alegre Ballet Folklórico

May 8, 2019 @ 6:30 pm – 6:30 pm
Hall of State
3939 Grand Ave
TX 75210
$10 - $15
Katherine Haskel
(214) 421-4500 ext. 104

Pedro Perez II and Alegre Ballet Folklórico

Pedro Perez II, Alegre Ballet Folklorico founder and director, has been in Folklorico for 30 years. Born and raised in Oak Cliff, Texas, Pedro has always had a love for the artistry and beauty of Mexican and Latino Culture.

At an early age, Pedro was given the option to “give folklorico a chance” at Winnetka Elementary School to see if he liked it. He enjoyed it, but never expected it to take the turn that it took. In May 1988, Pedro’s parents found Manuel and Guadalupe “Wally” Godinez and the Ballet Folklorico Hispano de Dallas; quickly, Pedro was enrolled. It was with Hispano de Dallas and the hard work and effort of the Godinez Family that changed and shaped the admiration, love and dedication that Pedro has for Folklorico today! It was here that rhythm and technique was taught and blossomed. With Ballet Folklorico Hispano de Dallas, Pedro performed across the state in the most prestigious venues. In 1992, Ballet Folklorico Hispano de Dallas was given the honor of dancing for Her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. Also in 1992, Pedro was asked to teach his fellow students at the Government and Law Magnet High School. In May of 1992 and May of 1993, he put the Law Magnet Cinco de Mayo dance program together for his school. In September 1993 Manuel and Wally decided to take a break from Folklorico. Pedro tried other local groups out, as well as flamenco, but his friends and classmates suggested he start a group outside the school. This began Alegre Ballet Folklorico.

Along with dance and choreography, Pedro has taken on the task of designing and making several of Alegre’s costumes. Pedro has been recognized for his work and collection of regional outfits and has begun to exhibit and discuss them. Outside of Alegre he has worked with TeCo Theatrical Productions as a costume designer, stage manager, and actor.

Pedro has taught in schools and recreation centers throughout the Dallas / Fort Worth area. He has been asked to judge several competitions and even given workshops in and out of Dallas. Although he never expected it to go this far, Pedro looks forward to knowing Alegre Ballet Folklorico will succeed with him and after him.

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