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A History and Celebration of Juneteenth

June 19, 2019 @ 6:30 pm
Hall of State, Fair Park
3939 Grand Ave. Dallas
TX 75210
Katherine Haskel
(214) 421-4500 ext. 104

Donald Payton is president of the African American Genealogy Interest Group, which is a branch of the Dallas Genealogical Society.  Mr. Payton has spent more than 35 years tracing family histories and doing historical workshops across America. He is a former Dallas County Historical Commissioner who served on a special state committee to make June 19th an official Texas state holiday.  In addition, he has presented numerous Juneteenth workshops and programs in various states.  Mr. Payton has also been featured in national media news events and interviews.

Mr. Payton’s presentation will be followed by selections from The South Dallas Concert Choir. The South Dallas Concert Choir performs a diverse repertoire of classical music, show tunes, contemporary gospel, and Negro Spirituals

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