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Mary K. Craig Class Records

Mary K. Craig Class Records
Mary K. Craig Class Records


These are the early records of the Mary K. Craig Class, a women’s group located in Dallas, Texas. The purpose of the Mary K. Craig Class is the cultural enlightenment of women. They seek to bring enjoyment as well as instill leadership in its members. Mary Kittrell Craig organized the group around 1894. Members presented papers on topics assigned to them by Mrs. Craig; topics included current events, history, literature, art, and travel. After the death of its founder, the class met in 1921 and made the decision to continue meeting, renaming the group after their founder. The Mary K. Craig class changed the direction of education in Dallas by adopting the lecture field as their primary means of teaching. This group was in the first in Dallas to seek outside speaker from the national and global arena. Programing changed from member presentations to invited guest lecturers. The class introduced members to a more diversified program, bringing in authors, artists, musicians, clergy, travelers, professors, and government officials to speak on a variety of topics. Researchers interest in early women’s and adult education in Dallas will find these records useful.


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