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Becoming Texans: Pictorial Narratives from a 4th Generation Texan

June 7, 2022 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Hall of State, Fair Park
3939 E. Grand Ave. Fair Park
TX 75210
Deah Berry Mitchell
(214) 421-4500 ext. 107

A discussion Texas photographer Byrd Williams and oral historian Dr. Betsy Brody

A discussion with Texas photographer Byrd Williams and oral historian Dr. Betsy Brody. Byrd Williams IV is not only a 4th generation Texan, he is a 4th generation photographer. Dr. Betsy Brody is a professor, Fulbright Scholar, and current ACLS/Mellon Fellow researching Asian foodways in Texas.  “Becoming Texans, Becoming Americans Oral History Collection” is the first collaboration for the pair. The project explores the lived experiences of Vietnamese immigrants and their families as they wove their cultural threads into the fabric of Dallas’ neighborhoods, schools, churches, temples, and jobs.

In this collection of oral history and photography, a Civil War era camera and the processing technique of “swift-toning” were used to produce companion photographs for each oral history. Together, the archived interview and photographs provide a lasting record of this piece of Texas history. Brody and Williams will share stories about the undertaking of this project as well as personal reflections from Williams detailing what it’s like to continue his legacy of the art of photography in Texas.

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