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Members of The Director’s Inner Circle will have access to a variety of behind-the-scenes events and intimate gatherings. One such highlight is our latest series, the Author’s Table Dinners, where members will enjoy intimate dinner parties featuring bestselling authors and Pulitzer Prize nominees. These gatherings provide a platform for engaging conversations about their latest works.

The roots of The Fellows of the Dallas Historical Society can be traced back to October 1, 1934. A rediscovered roster of the original 1922 members from the Society’s archives in the early 1980s revealed the names of one hundred and one distinguished Dallasites, many of whom have descendants who continue to support the Dallas Historical Society to this day.

In 1982, the Fellows received official recognition as a unique membership category within the Dallas Historical Society. Steering this initiative was Louise Caldwell, alongside the esteemed Stanley Marcus—the last surviving member of the original 1937 group—who served as co-chair. Marcus, upon accepting his role, ensured that funds raised would be allocated to the publication of works on Dallas history. Additionally, he requested to be identified as Stanley Marcus, NCM, an abbreviation cryptically indicating “no committee meetings” upon inquiry.


Shannon Callewart
Janis & Roy Coffee
Susan & Josiah Daniel, III
Karan Edgemon
Adrienne Faulkner
Michael Higgins

Mary Jalonick
Lester & Hon. Margaret Keliher
Don Kingston
Wendy Krispin
Margot Perot
Ed Perrin

The Rosewood Foundation
Diane & John Scovell
Carolyn Speed
Joyce & Harvey Mitchell
Margaret Simmons Dear
Barbara & Roy Washburn

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