So not surprisingly, the Dallas Historical Society welcomes volunteers to assist with our various programs and events. There are a variety of opportunities available.





We have a great opportunity for volunteers to work in the archives! We need help with data entry, organization and general maintenance in the archives. No experience necessary!

For more information about working in the archives, please email volunteer@dallashistory.org.

2018 Volunteer Pack

State Fair Volunteers

Every year the Dallas Historical Society needs volunteers to help us during the State Fair of Texas! Join our crew of volunteers who help us answer questions regarding the current exhibits, assist visitors with directions and various other duties as assigned. A special State Fair volunteer orientation is held each year during the month of September.

2019 State Fair Volunteer Pack will be available beginning July 1st, 2019


A huge THANK YOU to all our volunteers that helped us for the State Fair of Texas during the month of October!

Archive Volunteers

Stephani W.

State Fair Volunteers

Nan A., Nita B., Landon B., Pattie B., Dorothy B., Sheri B., Carole  B., Deborah B., Rebecca         B., Colleen C., Christina C., Steve D., Jerry D., Ernest D., Katherine D., Lynne D., David D., Jeffrey F., Jo G., Susan G., Brad H., Nancy H., Bue H., Paula H., Alissa H., Steven J., Cheryle J., Gail K., Diana K., Don K., Deanne L., Karen L., Anita M., Marco M., Paul M., Claire M., Ted M., Gordon M., Valerie M., Venisa M., Jeannie M., Cheri M., Melody N., John O., Suzann O., Bobbi P., Linda P., Camille R., Mary R., Cynthia R., Johnny R., Kevin R., Linda R., Elizabeth S., Mark S., Clyde S., Deca S., Helena S., Allison S., Christopher S., Melody T., Judy T., Lynda T., William V., Roxanne W., Corene W., Brittney W., Cussandra W., Lynelle W., Blair W., Susan W., Mike W., Kathryn Y.